Small & Medium Enterprises


To be a pioneering center that keeps pace with the development of modern management systems through studies and researches and to bring about positive change in the private sector and public sector institutions through many activities and services.


Providing all the services needed by the novice investors and the small and medium enterprises sector in Najran, and that, God willing, will be the first supporter to push the wheel of economic and social development in the Najran region through the development of medium and small enterprises.


1. Raise the level of awareness among those in charge of the work of small and medium-sized enterprises of the elements of the development of their facilities and local and international developments.

2. Enhancing the role of the Chamber in supporting and developing small and medium enterprises.

Coordinating with the concerned government agencies to collect and unify efforts to support small and medium enterprises.

Preparing and providing studies, information and modern data that contribute to the development of small and medium enterprises.

5. Facilitate financing for SMEs through coordination with funding bodies.

6. Enhancing the competitiveness and export of small and medium enterprises.

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