To become a model for economic development in the Kingdom and to be a pioneer and distinguished in caring for the interests of the business sector in the Najran region.


Sponsoring the economic development process in the Najran region by developing the services provided to the business sector in the region, providing the necessary support to investors, facilitating their procedures, and providing the necessary economic and investment consultations for them.


Providing information and data related to all activities carried out by the affiliated establishments.
- Introducing the commercial opportunities available inside and outside the Kingdom and providing an opportunity to benefit from them.
Define new investment areas
Preparation of specialized studies and research
- Discussing the problems of the establishments, proposing appropriate solutions for them and following them up with the concerned authorities.
- Organizing training and qualifying courses in cooperation with specialized training authorities.
Facilitating the participation of business owners in local fairs and exhibitions
To form an effective partnership with the concerned authorities to develop the economy of the Najran region.
Holding seminars and meetings to discuss issues and developments of interest to business owners and women.
- Developing the activities of the committees and activating their role to take care of the interests of the Chamber's employees.
Contribute to creating job opportunities for Saudi men and women.
Encouraging, supporting and developing small and medium enterprises.
- Developing the Chamber's departments and departments and branches and increasing its activities to serve the associates.
- Seek to sign memoranda of cooperation and understanding with institutions supporting small and medium enterprises to support small and medium enterprises and new initiatives and initiatives.