Recruitment Committee

1- Inventory and study the obstacles and difficulties that limit the activity of the local recruitment offices in the region. 2 - Meeting the need of the recruitment offices in the region of the data, information, decisions and regulations governing the recruitment activity. 3 - To highlight the role of the offices of civil recruitment in support and promotion of the performance of business sectors in the region. 4 - Working together with the branch of the Ministry of Labor to meet the needs of the labor market from the trained labor in a manner that does not conflict with the Saudization programs. 5- Preparing studies and researches related to the recruitment sector and developing proposals to deal with the negative phenomena related to the sector. 6 - Participate with the corresponding committees in the Chambers of Commerce and the Council of Saudi Chambers to unify the visions in what serves to organize the recruitment activity. 7 - Develop regulations and awareness and controls for domestic employment and to the benefit of all parties.

Committee members

The Name Position
Dahan Hizam Al Yami Committee Chief

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